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Movers who transport a shipment of household goods within Florida are required to register and file proof of financial responsibility with the Florida Department of Agriculture/Consumer Services and follow Consumer Protection rules (Florida Statute Chapter 507)

Garrett’s Moving conforms to all Florida regulations and requirements.

Working With Us

A free, in-home written Estimate of Costs is part of Florida Statute 507. When our agent is with you, you can expect him to open closets, storage compartments, and attic spaces. Being specific about what you want to be moved is important and gives you the most accurate estimate of costs. Once the inspection has been made, our agent will discuss all details of packing, crating, shrink-wrapping, answer all questions and leave you a written cost estimate.

Exclusive Mover

Garrett’s strives to be prompt, on time, and ready to wow you with our integrity and spectacular service. We will never comingle your belongings with another client or shipper. Your cargo will be the only shipment on our truck, making us your Exclusive Mover. Our trucks are clean, well maintained, and thoroughly inspected inside and out before and after each shipment. We strive for the utmost of cleanliness, from fresh, folded furniture-specific pads to safe, up to date equipment and courteous professional team members. Let us show you with your next move, we promise to impress.

We strive for excellence when working in your gated community or condominium building. It is our utmost duty to conform to each set of independent regulations and in Collier and Lee Counties there are many property maintenance companies. Community rules vary, not every development works the same.

Alert the guard gate that Garrett’s is coming at the estimated time and the day of the move.

Know your community rules. During the week what are the hours that commercial activity is allowed? Does your community allow commercial vehicles/activity on Saturday? If so, during what hours?

If you live in a condo with an elevator, please reserve the service elevator for the day you will be moving. Your property maintenance worker will pad the elevator in anticipation of us arriving. Reserving in advance will secure that another company will not be utilizing that same elevator at the same time, saving you money and us time.

We offer various insurance premiums above industry standards. Released Rate Liability is standard at $.60 per pound per article and is offered at no charge. In addition to this, we offer a deductible full replacement value, a no deductible full replacement value, and valuation insurance. During your visual inspection, our agent will discuss this in detail and ask you to choose the option that best fits your needs.
If you have chosen to box up on your own, remember that the basic principles of packing include wrapping items individually, providing plenty of cushioning, and making sure of a firm pack. Place a few inches of crushed newsprint on the bottom of the box as a cushion. Wrap each item individually with at least two sheets of clean blank newsprint to provide a safe, protective, and “padded nest”. Pack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter ones next, filling in empty spaces with crushed paper. Place plates on edge and glassware on rims for maximum protection. Mark the carton “Fragile” and list the contents on the outside. Be sure to seal the carton firmly on the bottom and top with packing tape.
The best advice we offer is to make a game plan and stick to it. Make time for packing but don’t overdo it. Finding time to relax and reflect on the special times you have had in your home is just as important as boxing up treasures you have collected. Remember to make time for all those “last minute” details including disconnecting/connecting utilities, placing change of address forms with businesses, relatives, and friends, contacting your property manager to reserve service elevators on moving day if necessary, and consulting with your guard gate to make arrangements for our arrival on moving day.
As pet lovers ourselves, we are conscientious of Fido or Fluffy’s needs. Not only is moving stressful for you, but it’s also very difficult for your pet. Please place your four footed family members in a safe location the day of your move and remember to provide them with plenty of fresh water. Open doors are invitations for disaster.  Some clients have the luxury of placing their beloved pet in a “pet day care” or a with a friend nearby. Others prefer to utilize a secure area inside their home, while even more choose to crate their pet for their comfort and safety. If you need help choosing the right path for your furry friend, reptile, fish or other pet contact us. We have referrals to pet day care centers and veterinarians’ offices that provide this kind of service. Here are some links to more information for moving with your pets:


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Move-In Help

Garrett’s offers various tiers of our stellar service. Some customers want us to pack every box while others prefer to box up on their own. Because every move is unique in its own way we offer expert advice on creative packing options. Some clients will tote their own boxes to their new homes and others choose to have us move everything while even others ask us to pack their delicate heirlooms or precious antique pieces while they pack their day to day items on their own. Our knowledgeable, professional team will assist you in making these detailed decisions. In addition to packing, we offer unwanted furniture removal at the time of your relocation. We work with a variety of charitable institutions and will make sure that your quality, unwanted items go to someone in need.

On moving day, if you wish, we will disconnect and reconnect your television, computer, and surround sound and will reconnect it in your new home. If our team has disassembled any of your furniture we will reassemble it in your new home and place all of your belongings just where you want them.

Once you are moved in, we offer an additional service to you, pre-wired fixture installation of ceiling fans and chandeliers and mirrors, picture and artwork hanging. Contact our office for details on this service.

  • Packing/Crating
  • Full or Partial Unpacking
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Unwanted Furniture Disposal
  • Picture/Mirror Hanging
  • Grandfather Clock Servicing
  • Pre-wired Fixture Installation
  • Loading and Unloading of Rental Trucks
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We GUARANTEE an owner to be with you for all your relocation needs, from estimate to end. We are a business built on integrity, accuracy, and service excellence.

We provide many helpful services for before and after your move. We know that moving can be stressful, so we want to help you as much as possible. Our services include packing, furniture removal, picture hanging, fixture installation, and more!

You do not need to remove your clothing or linens, however, we know that everyone has the proverbial “junk drawer” – that will need to be boxed up.

Moving can be stressful for pets. This is where doggy daycare is a good thing! Make sure they are in a safe, secure, and comfortable location.


Hiring a professional mover delivers exceptional value on a very important and potentially stressful day.

Quality, trust, and excellence are the cornerstones of the exceptional service we provide.

With years of residential and commercial moving experience, our team of highly trained movers tackle moves of any size and complexity and offer the personal care that you would expect from friends and family.

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